E commerce Solution

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E-Commerce Solution
“Key Process”

Deepak Subedi
Pankaj Pokhrel
Regan Shrestha
Saurav Shrestha
Roshan Magar
Urmila Suwal

Key Process
Technology Requirement
 Hardware
 Software
 Security
 Maintenance
 Back end system
 Supply sources
 Distribution channels

Supply sources

Supply sources
•Integration of key business process from end user
through original supplier that provide products, services
and information that add value for customers.
•Some of world class companies such as Dell computer
have superb supply chain with innovation application.

Method/ Process

Demand driven supply sources
Push versus pull based supply chain models:
Push model:

Supply to

production based
on forecast




inventory based stock based
purchase what
on forecast
on forecast
is available

Pull model:


Supply to

produce to order


replenish stock


• Basically , any components of a computer system that
can be touched is a hardware.
• To set up a e-commerce business,we need a WebSite.And,to set up a Web site we need Hardware. • The hardware required to set up e-commerce is almost
similar to our Personal Computers.The additional
Devices required are Router and Networking (TCP/IP)
and Ports.

• The computers used to set up e-commerce is known as


• Picture of the first web-server:

The world's first web server, a NeXT Computer workstation with Ethernet, 1990, the case label reads: "This machine is a server. DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!"


The inside and front of a Dell PowerEdge web server, a computer designed for rack mounting

• Multiple web servers may be used for a high traffic website, here four  SunFire X4200 servers are installed together

• A web server is a hardware device that is used to host websites upon it, in this case, an ecommerce website.
• Everything that makes up a website such as HTML files, databases and images will be stored on this web server in ordered to display the end product.
• Web servers can run on either Windows or Linux server operating systems, this is the server software to manage the website and server. • Comparing a computer with a web server, you’d find out that they are both made up the same components however the web server will consist of much better and faster components (processor and

memory sizes).
• Smaller businesses may consider buying or renting a web server from an outsourced company that offers hosting instead of owning their own server, this can be good if the company is small and is on a low budget.

Networking (TCP/IP) and Ports
• TCP/IP is main protocol used to transfer data over a
network such as the internet! 

Networking (TCP/IP) and Ports
•  Transfer Control Protocol also known as TCP is a
wired connection between different systems on the
• Anyone using the internet to access the website will
use TCP/IP protocol to access it.

• The IP within TCP/IP stands for Internet Protocol
and each device on a network will have its very
own functioning IP Address.
• Ports allow a device with an IP address to access
another device with another IP address.

Choosing the Hardware for an E-Commerce system
• Hardware platform:
–Underlying computing equipment that system uses to
achieve E-Commerce functionality.

• Objective:
–Enough platform capacity to meet peak demand without
wasting money

•Important to understand the different factors that
affect speed, capacity, and scalability of a site

Right-Sizing Your Hardware Platform: The
Demand Side
• Demand is the most important factor affecting speed
of site.
• Factors in overall demand:
–Number of simultaneous users in peak...
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