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Topics: Management, Change management, Plan Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: January 16, 2014
Phase 5 Implementation Plan
This phase relates to the change process stage of the Change Management theory. It involves three interlinked factors, these are: 1. objectives and outcomes
2. planning the change and
3. people
To plan the change we made an implementation plan which is described in a flowchart form. For this change process WIPRO has to establish a change management team, who are responsible for the whole process. The team should include some of those who are experts in Human Resource Management since this is the root problem of the case which needs to be tackled.

The change management team starts to visualize the future desire state. To begin with, a clear a new vision and mission. This follows the identification and critical asses of the strengths and weaknesses of the company. After this they have to formulate their goals and objectives and have to make them clear and well-understood for all involved parties. With an action plan the change process get well structured and is transparency for everyone. Next step is to have an activity plan. ‘The activity planning is a road map of the change effort’ . This is a schedule about which steps the company has to take and how they implement and evaluate their change. Every step can work off exactly. Before they finish one of the steps of the action plan, they firstly have to examine the suitability, acceptability and feasibility of the plan. After doing this, final adjustments has to be made. If everything has been accepted, they start to create a contingency plan, for evaluating the change and make contingence improvements. Next step is to implement the strategy. They have to measure the process and have to compare the expected results to the actual results. If they are satisfied with the outcome, they can sustain and proceed with their strategy. If they are dissatisfied, they have to reconstruct their strategy, or in worst case to develop a new strategy...
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