why i picked up a gun

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Write a summary of ”Bad stress, good stress” in about 150 words The story is about stress. Stress has become a common word in the daily parlance, and that’s makes the present people to think they have stress just by going to the mall or to have a hard day at work. But in the past you got stress by going to war or by pushing yourself to get through the day. We hear about that the Government in 2004 announced that stress has cost the UK economy £13.5 billon, because of lost productivity and illness at work. Then we also hear about Dr Bond who means that people often says they are stressed, when the actually just are afraid of feeling afraid. But the good news is that it is possible to teach people to handle stress more effectively than it has been and the technique which comes from Clare Harris, a lecturer from the Praxis Centre for Developing Personal Effectiveness, can be adopted across the world.

Give an outline for the various stress-related problems presented in the four texts. Tekst 1: Mind & Body this week: Danger: stress at work
Stress is related directly with the need to hide emotions at work. Stress also affects teachers, because it is them who have to control the children in the school. A high emotion work experience more stress than others. The most stressed group is them who are thinking negative thoughts about the past. Tekst 2: Bad stress, good stress

The stress problem comes because people have made the word become a common world in the daily parlance. Stress can also be related to the feeling of being afraid. Another effect could be that people are doing some ridiculous things, like punching the wall, drinking or attacking other people they know are weak like them self. Tekst 3: Stress relief

Stress can take different forms. It’s not only the negative things in life, which can create stress. Being too busy can result in excessive surges of adrenaline in the body. To work too hard to get the chance to buy expensive thing, is also...
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