Topics: Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery, United States Capitol Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Washington, DC Trip – 2012

My experience this year in DC was more laid back than last year. I felt that I knew the basics of what we were going to do so I could enjoy it more. This is certainly not my first time going to DC, and not going to be last. I enjoyed most of the places we went to even though I have seen a good amount of it before, it is still good to go and learn some things I might not of learned the year before. I got to go to the White House this year as opposed to not going last year; however I did not get to see the Pentagon due to some problems on Cleveland’s side of the trip. We got to see many of the monuments and memorials including the Washington, Lincoln, Korean, World War II and Iwo Jima memorials. We also got to take in some of the experiences that you might see if you lived in Washington, DC yourself. My more favored part of the trip was visiting the White House at which I have never been in before. The decorations that encompassed the rooms of the White House were marvelously designed to perfection. We had just enough time to get a good look around before we had to head out the North East gate of the White House. Arlington National Cemetery has always been something I enjoyed visiting during the trips to DC. It is a great place to pay your respects to the ones that fought so greatly to protect the freedom of the American people. The last thing that I have to say is always fun to get to catch up with some friends and in general just having fun is at the mall. The mall has great food and also excellent stores and boutiques to pick up a Christmas gift for a friend of family member if you have the cash to spend. Moving onto my list of some things I would recommend changing for next year. I personally believe that the trip would be much better off if we went CHHS by ourselves with no other schools. I believe this would give us more time to visit more places of interests with less time needed to get everyone ready and on the busses. Another...
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