Warrior Net

Topics: Computer network, Internet, IP address Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: August 28, 2013
As an everyday IT student, I came up with the question why internet was so important to us? How does a computer network can receive data from other network? And what was really happening to the information we are working with in a computer network? And then because of the video clip titled the warriors of the net also known as the dawn of the net, give answer to my questions. Because the video were discussing clearly, systematically, and easily the cycle of information we are working within a computer network. The characters involved on that movie are the data circulating inside a network which are the TCP packet, ICMP ping packet, UDP packet, router, ping of death, router switch, network routes , firewall and of course the net and they are being animated so that the video clip turns the whole discussion more visible to me. The introduction takes my attention, it says “For the first time in history people and machinery are working together, realizing a dream. A uniting force that knows no geographical boundaries. Without regard to race, creed or color. A new era where communication truly brings people together." The quotation was trying to tell us that with the help of this kind of machinery, our communication between each one of us are much easier because of them. And another question came in my mind. How is it possible that we are able to communicate from a far distant location through the use of our computers? Well it is possible The clip shows how the process are done. Let’s say I’m using a web browser and I’m typing the site google.com on the address bar, when I hit enter ,the flow of information begins. And this information is what we called the packets or data and they are delivered by a personal mailroom (the packet packages) . Before the information was sent on its way to the network, the sender’s address, receiver’s address, proxy server address and the type of packet containing the information is modified and attached together in a packet and...
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