Wakewood Case Study

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WAKEWOOD Servicing International


MBA - Non-standard entry case study – Brighton Business School

11th February 2010

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11th February 2010

Graham Clifford
CEO Wakewood Ltd
Mithras House
Lewes Road
Brighton, BN2 4AT

Proposal on Change Strategy and Roadmap for Wakewood Servicing International

Dear Graham,

I am pleased to submit this proposal of work to support Wakewood Servicing International in develop a change strategy and a roadmap to success of the customer service dept. with also the integration of the marketing and quality departments plus increased product revenues in the next 2 to 3 years.

Background and Context
Wakewood Servicing has seen many challenges in the last 2-3 years, particularly in the past 12 months. The current recession has clearly pushed the need for “value for money” and customer retention, as such; your external customers feedback seem to be pressuring for increased quality of customer service, competitive products, pricing plus the speed of delivery.

The clear and measurable feedback gathered from your customers prompts the need to increase the level of service provided, this is needed in order to match expectations whilst doing so in a cost effective manner. Delivering the same services in the same manner as has been done in the past is acknowledged as an unsuccessful path to success. Fundamental changes in the services offered, how the services are delivered and the relationship with your customers are now overdue and must happen as soon as possible.

My internal analysis of the unit has also allowed me to identify the following few data points that I believe could be the potential causes of the units’ current poor performances: i) The units’ customer servicing technical platforms are based on 1st generation applications, not on the latest 3rd generation which is currently in force on the other divisions in Wakewood. ii) The unit, although accounts for 20% of Wakewood activities has the lowest productivity volumes in the production lines vs. the other units. iii) No concrete data is yet available but staff costs seem too high, this could be an area of focus by introducing automation and consequently staff/cost reductions. iv) For 3 consecutive years, the unit has the lowest results in the Wakewood employee engagement questionnaire i.e. lowest employee morale in the organization. v) The division also has the highest employee tenure within Wakewood.

With recent ‘green shoots of recovery’ in the market place, I am seeing an increased attention to consumer-driven demands for cheaper, quicker and quality products, I believe this will be best time to introduce a marketing department and a quality control area in order to commence the change to the division within Wakewood.

Proposed change approach

Overview of approach
In my working experience I have learnt that Operational Change needs to be dealt with carefully. This is due to human natures’ resistance to change, the technical and physical infrastructures which will also need to change, and at the same time remain invisible to the external customer. Plus sustain and improve the customer service and product delivery.

Therefore the high level approach proposed for Wakewood’s division is: • Put in a place a change management experienced programme/project team with the responsibility of delivering the organizational & infrastructural change. • Set the organization vision and consequently the change objectives for the division. • Communicate the message to the unit’s management for buy-in to change. • Empower the management team to support the change and set them objectives to meet this. • Communicate every success as a result of the change.

Approach Detail
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