Wag the Dog Review

Topics: Mass media, Propaganda, September 11 attacks Pages: 3 (1284 words) Published: December 30, 2012
They Will Buy It
In our lives, there are many certain things we like to believe.We believe in the things that we feel, hear and mostly we see.Sometimes we find something stupid and deny its reality, and sometimes we find something very rational and accept it as it is.Like for many things, people also have some criterias for the acceptance of a belief and visual materials always take the first place of those criterias.People like to believe in the things they see, especially when they see it on someone else approval.That is why we have advertisements, news, reality shows, magazines, movies, tv series, in short it is all about media and it has been one of the biggest tool shaping our decissions, beliefs, actions, wantings.If we stop for a minute and think about the fact that %95 of the world media is controlled only by 5 companies, so would not it be acceptable to see the fact that these companies hold the possiblity of shitting with our lives? But how? Have you ever wondered why most of the price tags end with .90? .90 pricing is called psychological pricing. It has some important effects upon people.Mostly, it gives the impression that item has the lowest price.Even people know the fact that 19.90 almost has no difference from 20.00, which could be acceptable as a high price, they find it cheaper.Additionally, according to Thomas and Morwits’s hypothesis, people tend to focus on the left digits rather than the right ones.No matter what the reason is, the question stands still there.Why do we still believe in that 19.90 is alot more cheaper than 20.00 and our shopping urges force us to buy that product? In my opinion, answer lays under our judges.Instead of giving rational reactions to the prices, we use our logical judges, which even we dont find reasonable but attractive and that is what mass want us to do, to buy it. Not only prices shapes our decissions but also the most powerful tool of media, movies, have great impact upon our lives.We create heros,...
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