Vyatta Configuration

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Vyatta Installation.
1. Download Vyatta template or ISO file for XenCenter.
2. Import the appliance (template) or create VM with ISO. 3. Add both the network interfaces to the VM.
4. Login with username: vyatta and password vyatta.
5. If created through ISO, run “install system” command on the console and install it to the server hard drive. Vyatta Configuration.

I. Adding interfaces
Add both the interfaces in the router with specific address. Type “configure” and enter (for entering configure mode). Type the following commands
Set interfaces ethernet eth0 address <External Address/prefix-length> (e.g. 10.XX.XX.XX/23) Set interfaces ethernet eth1 address <Internal Address/prefix-length> (e.g. 192.XX.XX.XX/24) edit interfaces ethernet eth0

set description “External”
set duplex auto
set smp_affinity auto
set speed auto
edit interfaces ethernet eth1
set description “Internal”
set duplex auto
set smp_affinity auto
set speed auto
set protocols static route next-hop <external default gateway> (e.g. 10.XX.XX.1) commit

To check this type “show interfaces” and verify the interfaces.

II. Creating source type NAT rule .
This rule needs to be created for communication of LAN to WAN (i.e. internal to external) and with this rule internal network will have internet access. This is a (and should be a) one way communication, so that only internal can speak to external. Enter “configure” mode.

Type the following commands
set service nat rule 10 destination address
set service nat rule 10 outbound-interface eth0
set service nat rule 10 outside-address address <10.XX.XX.XX> set service nat rule 10 protocol all
set service nat rule 10 source address 192.XX.XX.0/24
set service nat rule 10 type source

In the above rule all the communication from internal network will flow through IP to the external nework.

III. Creating...
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