Topics: United States Department of Defense, Government spending, Medicare Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Rebekah Schueck

Mr. Clarke

Period 2


    The United States is allowing the Pentagon to spend too much on the military, while there are other priorities that don’t get enough attention, such as health benefits, or repaying the trillions of dollars in debt our country is in. If the US spends less or limits the amount of money the Pentagon spends, then we cn reduce the debt we owe, and include more benefits in our way of living.     The USA alone is responsible for about 39% of the world’s total spendings on military spendings, distantly followed by China (9.5%), Russia (5.2%), Great Britain (3.5%), and Japan (3.4%). “Together, the top fifteen countries combined has a total of 81.8% of the world’s total , whereas the rest of the world make up about 18.2%.” North America is also the continent with the most spendings with a total of $691.22 billion, which is about 40% of the total. Europe follows behind with $418.6 billion (24%), then Asia and Oceana with $381.5 billion (22%), Central America, South America, and Caribbean with $76.4 billion (4%), and Africa with $38.2 billion (2%).     “The $3.7 trillion federal budget breaks down into mandatory spending-benefits guaranteed the American people, such as Social Security and Medicare-and discretionary spending-programs that, at least in theory, can be cut.” The pentagon likes to spend money on a lot of things, the most it spends the money on is Social Security at $813 billion. Defense is also a big thing the Pentagon likes to spend a lot on. “In 2013, more than half of all discretionary spending (and one-fifth of total spending) went to defense, including the Pentagon, veterans’ benefits, and the nuclear weapons arsenal.” The Pentagon spends about $652 billion on defense. When it comes to defense spending, no country can compete directly with the United States, which spends more than the next ten countries combined. Altogether, the Pentagon accounts for nearly 40% of global military spending.    ...
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