The Visitor Essay

Topics: 2003 albums, Immigration, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: January 23, 2013
The Visitor reveals the complexities of immigration in America

Looking back at our American values after watching the movie, “The Visitor” and reading a couple articles, it has come across that some of these values can be hypocritical. We say something but, we don’t show it. To the other countries we are portraying that all immigrants are welcome and that they can get a better living down here in America. The poster in the detention center where Tarek was put in into you’ll see it said, “The strength of America is our immigrants.” First of all it’s very ironic that the poster would be in a detention center also, if immigrants are our strength then why we deport them so much. They are hardworking people who come here just to get a living or situations are bad and they need to get out. Tarek was one of those people who needed to get out because situations were bad in his country. Another example showing how we can be hypocrites in our values is this poem called “Give Us Your Tired and Your Poor”. The poem talks about giving us the people who are the outcast and poor so we can give them a better living. It’s funny because we say we want immigrants but what we do is send them back again because we can’t immigrants even though we were founded on immigrants. One of my parents friends were sent back after 10 years here in America. Their kids were put in a foster home and they were sent back. What, Is that even fair? They’ve been working here so they can make a living for their kids. But, that doesn’t matter to us. We just want to appear “accepting” to other countries. These situation prove to us how hypocritical our values are. Also how the complex immigration really is.

Imagine yourself as an immigrant in America. You’ve been here for about 20 years; you have kids that were born here. Your almost finish completing the process of getting a green card. Until one day you get arrested for no reason and get deported back to your country. Everything is lost can’t...
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