The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Topics: September 11 attacks, Value, Terrorism Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 29, 2013
The Reluctant Fundamentalist compels us to understand and applaud Changez’s rejection of America and the dream it offers him.

Changez’s story begins a year before the September 11th terrorist attacks. There are two main locations mentioned in the novel. Lahore; which is Changez’s hometown in which his family resided as upper class society whose wealth had diminished but status remained. He attends a prestigious school and gets a job at a highly valued company as a valuer. His view on America and the “American Dream” becomes tarnished over-time and he eventually begins to resent America.

Changez expresses himself as a “lover” of America to his anonymous listener at the start of the novel. For Changez, the journey from Pakistan to attend Princeton and then getting a job at Underwood Samson was “a dream come true.” Princeton inspired him to feel like his life was a film and he was the star and “everything was possible” Changez later in the book refers to this as his American Dream. His life before 9/11 is one of many possibilities, not simply achieving status. He says “Underwood Samson had the potential to transform my life as surely as it had transformed his, making my concerns about money and status things of the distant past.” Changez motivations are founded in his feeling of being an “outsider” the motivation of status for Changez is not one of being an outsider in a foreign country, but it comes from the feeling that his own country is powerless in the world.

Changez views and perception of America completely change after the terrorist attack of 9/11, He had imagined America as a country that would move on from an event like this, and not look back. The complete opposite occurred. They were trying their hardest to remember. Changez was upset by the fact that Afghanistan had helped America in the past, And now America was bombing them. As he watches the towers fall in his hotel room in the Philippines’. He smiles. This is a major turning point in...
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