The Effect of 9/11 on Criminal Procedure in the United States

The effect of 9/11 on Criminal Procedure in the United States"
The September 11th incident that took place in New York City changed the entire justice system in the United States. September 11th lead to changes in the United States Patriot Act, changes in criminal procedures in regard to terrorism, the confinement of citizens, and procedural rights at military tribunals. Many sections of the justice system was either altered or modified in some way shape or form. Most of the changes was done to protect the United States citizens, world peace, and the economy. September 11th affected not only the United States, but also the whole world mainly because of its dominance and role in economic system mainly because Wall Street was caught in the middle of the attacks.

After September 11th, the Justice Department enacted several new branches heading by the Homeland Security department. Terrorist suspects that were arrested after September 11th are all facing the United States Military Tribunal and have little or no constitutional rights. After September 11th, the United States Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26th, 2001 according to The Patriot Act made significant changes to over fifteen different statutes. mention that the United States Patriot Act was a compromise version of the Anti Terrorism Act(ATA) of 2001 which together both strengthen the United States defense against terrorism. The United States Patriot Act and Anti Terrorism Act gave law enforcement officers and government officials almost unlimited power over anyone who is suspected of terrorism and the planning of terrorist attacks against the United States. The Patriot Act and the Anti Terrorist Act also expanded the authority over privacy, personal information, and surveillance.

September 11th in a sense showed the United States vulnerability to terrorist attacks and at the same time helped in the...
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