Temprature and Heat

Topics: Temperature, Energy, Heat Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Fill in the blanks : (a) The hotness of an object is determined by its temperature. (b) Temperature of boiling water cannot be measured by a clinical thermometer. (c) Temperature is measured in degree Celsius. (d) No medium is required for transfer of heat by the process of Radiation. (e) A cold steel spoon is dipped in a cup of hot milk. It transfers heat to its other end by theprocess of conduction. (f ) Clothes of dark colours absorb heat better than clothes of light colours. Match the following : (i) Land breeze blows during à night (ii) Sea breeze blows during-àday (iii) Dark coloured clothes are preferred during à winter (iv) Light coloured clothes are preferred during-àsummer What is heat? Heat is a form of energy, entry or exit of which correspondingly increases or decreases internal energy of a body when no work is done on the body or by the body. What is temperature? A measure of the hotness of an object is its temperature. Temperature is measured by a device called thermometer. What is clinical thermometer? The thermometer that measures our body temperature is called a clinical thermometer A clinical thermometer consists of a long, narrow, uniform glass tube. It has a bulb at one end. This bulb contains mercury. Why clinical thermometer ranging 35oC to 42oC.? The normal temperature of human body is 37°C.The temperature of human body normally does not go below 35oC or above 42oC. That is the reason that this a clinical thermometer has the range 35oC to 42oC.
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