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Week Four Paper
Keith Mc Auley

June 27, 2011


Change is inevitable within every organization. The amount of change could be small or it could be large. However big the change, resistance can be minimal or massive. The organization should look inwards toward the potential obstacles to that change. These obstacles may include resistance to two sources: individuals and the organizational structure. Both sources need careful consideration and planning. Haphazard change can be disastrous to an organization. Planned changed is always the best course.

Internal and External Forces of Change at Synergetic Solutions

Synergetic Solution faces three internal and external forces that may hamper change within the organization. Internal forces of change are: nature of the workforce, technology, and social trends. Synergetic Solutions task; remake the organization from a computer trader to a networking design firm. The first internal force of change is the nature of the workforce. The workforce must have the necessary skill sets to make this change. If they do not, the organization must either retrain the workforce or hire the necessary people to make the change as efficient as possible. The internal technology of the organization at Synergetic Solutions must also change from the computer trading company to the network design company. Capital expenditures will need to occur, maybe mass retraining, and certification may need to occur. Social forces may also take place. Society has new ways to communicate, lifestyles once hidden are in the open, and smooth group movement toward the goal is never ensured.

The external forces of change at Synergetic Solutions are very powerful. The plans for the organizational change are just that, they have no assurances of success. External forces are waiting for even the slightest mistake. Three external forces of change are: economic shocks, competition, and world politics. Economic shocks take place every day. Success guarantees are not a given. The change in direction at Synergetic Solutions is not guaranteed. This change may not take place in a fluid timely manner. It may never take place, or the result may not be recognized by the change agent. No matter how it happens, events like the rise and fall of the networking business or the collapse of the financial market may eliminate external sources of funding. Competition is another large external force. Synergetic Solutions may never retrain is current workforce. The level of competition for the needed workforce may be too large or expensive. If Synergetic Solutions does not have a competent workforce the change may take too long during the time it retrains its current workers. World politics will also play a long role in the change at Synergetic Solutions. Additional employee costs in relation to health care may put undue stresses on the organization. Also, foreign competitors for the same market may price Synergetic out of the market.

Harold Redd Implements Change

A Chief Executive Officer of any organization must first make sure his new course is viable. Can this new change of course, make the necessary impact without costing to much and make money in an organization that make have limited resources competing against itself. Once the product strategy is determined the forces of change for the organization must have precise examination. Planned change is the key here. The CEO and his team should examine the resistance to change. Resistance to change comes from two sources, individual sources and organizational sources. Individual sources of resistance are: habits, security, economic factors, fear of the unknown, and selective information processing.

Sources of individual resistance at Synergetic Solutions were primarily, habits, economic factors, and fear of the unknown. The employees did not respond as planned at Synergetic. Sales are almost on mark, but absenteeism is a...

References: Robbins, S.P., & River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall
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