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Volume 3 No. 4, April 2013

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Change Management and its Contribution to the Success of
IT Project Implementation
Fatima Munassar, Alyaa Ghanim, Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan
International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

Witnessing our contemporary time, Technology and its rapid advancement could make a tremendous impact on every aspect of our life. Technology has been used in various daily life operations regardless of their fields. Most business sectors have moved toward ICT and consider it as one of potential competitive advantages. Thus, more IT projects are conducted. It has been shown that the numbers of IT projects failure are currently high and this due to various factors but the main factor stated was poor project management. Additionally, time gets change from day-to-day rapidly and creating a dynamic organization becomes very challenging. Projects are long-term process where project management is short-term process. Therefore, proper management is required to ensure the effectiveness of the projects implementation plus felicitous change management is much demanded since it focuses on the enhancement of the projects after being implemented to cope with the current massive change aspect to ensure the productivity and sustainability of any organizations. Keywords – Change Management, Project, project management, Project success



To stay ahead on rivals and combat the competitors; one way is stressing and putting pressure on ICT to produce tangible
project’s outcome efficiently with limited resources.
Additionally, contemporary time is facing a rapid changing in various aspects and the usage of advanced technology has been raised and become one of the competitive advantages plus the demand of clients has been more complicated.

Therefore, the issue of project implementation successfully is very critical to project manager, since the project implementation is ongoing process that involves challenging phases and requires valuable and adequate resources for the rise of the project. In order to establish a project, three main variables should be available which they are human, budgetary and technical

The implementation of a project requires very alert attention and simultaneous observation and monitoring by the project manager to ensure the smoothness of the project progress. Since a project is conducted in a dynamic environment, Project manager must

have potential information, experience and skill to overcome any unpredictable outcomes which are unfavorable. [7]
There are certain criteria that judge the success of a project implementation. However, before moving to the success factors and successful project features, a project concept needs to be clarified first to have a proper understanding about the nature of a project.


There are various definitions for the term project and it is being illustrated differently based on the established project
environment and the wide variety of organization activities. However, to generalize the common understanding for the term project, it has been defined that a project is the collection of human and nonhuman resources that are assigned to accomplish certain specified goals and produce indented deliverables within specific time and allocated amount of money that serve the needs of its customer. [7]

In the words of Turner (1999), “a project is an Endeavour in which human, financial and material resources are organized in a novel way to undertake a unique scope of work, of given
specification, within constraints of cost and time, so as to achieve beneficial change defined by quantitative and qualitative
objectives.” [6]
According to PMBOM Guide 4th edition, project was defined as “A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique...

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