Supporting Change within an Organisation

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Supporting Change within an Organisation
This report describes the effect and impact change has had within my organisation. 1.1
Change is a constant in today’s organisations. In a Recent CIPD survey it found more than half of all employees said that their organisation has been going through some kind of major change during the last year. Most organisations more than ten years old look nothing like they did even five years ago. And it is likely that in the next year or two organisations will not look as they do today. Below are 6 factors that drive and influence change In any organisation. 3 Internal factors

Restructure, organisations have downsized and delayered; ‘leanness’ means doing more with less, so individual employees have to carry more weight. Finance, Businesses will want to implement the newest technologies and hire the best employees but if the organisation is financially cash strapped it will hold back the company’s drive to change. Culture, when an organisation has a new management team you will often find a shift in the company’s culture.

3 External factors
Customers are becoming ever more demanding; quality and service standards are constantly going up. Customers drive an organisation to change- without customers you cannot survive as a business. Legislation, every year the government and the European Union can bring in new laws organisations have to abide with. Technology, evolving computer systems and new technologies require organisations to stay current. Technology affects everything in the company from marketing, communication to systems. Slow ineffective service will turn customers away, frustrate employees and possibly cost more than implementing current technology.

Change has great impact on an organisation’s business. Change impacts on everyone and all of the employees; some may find the changes positive and approach it with enthusiasm but the majority will struggle with change and react negatively. Research...

Bibliography: CIPD- Managing change- the role of the psychological contract,%20Alicia%20Comparison%20of%20Change%20Theories
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