Summary of Synergetic Solutions Simulation

Topics: Change management, Employment Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Summary of Synergetic Solutions Simulation

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Learning how to run a business is never an exact science. Many variables affect decisions and outcomes both in the short and long term. In the simulation about Synergetic Solutions, an opportunity was presented where one must make a number of significant choices in a short period that would change the face of the company moving forward. Flexibility, foresight, and understanding were each critical elements necessary to succeed in the task. The task was given by Harold Redd, CEO, and was as follows: Focus on the networking solutions business and raise its revenues to 80% of total sales, which are targeted at $12 million at the end of the next nine months… and turn the business on its head and make Synergetic into a networking design ‘hothouse’ from just a computer trading organization within the next nine months (UoP Organization Structure). I will review the decisions I made to complete the simulation while trying to meet goals set for productivity and absenteeism. Along the way I will address a few kinds of resistance that may arise and how to overcome them. I will describe some internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions. Last, I will discuss two change models I may use while implementing strategy during the transition.

Before the transition was set to begin, I knew it would be important to identify some kinds of resistance Synergetic would have to overcome with its employees in order for the transition to be successful. It was safe to assume that the employees would have resistance to change because of a change to their habits, security in their previous success, economic pressures, fear of the unknown, and group inertia.

The transition Synergetic faced was certainly a challenge to habit and security. I generated a plan that offered comfort and confidence for the employees. Also, I was available and willing to explain the plan to employees...

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