Summary of Chapter 15 of Management: Theory and Practice, K. Cole. Isbn: 1 74103 241 5

Topics: Change management, Explanation, The Reader Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Your task is to write a summary of chapter 15 of Management: Theory and Practice, K. Cole, ISBN: 1 74103 241 5

In summary of Kris Cole’s work, “Change in Management” chapter 15, the writer first started the introduction with questions that are also an over view. A good manager should have the knowledge to answer these questions and adapt this information to whichever system they may face. This simple goal here is for the reader find answers to these questions throughout the chapter and to engage the reader in a sub assessment. The 2nd part of the introduction is a small scenario of a lower manager that has received information about a new system being implemented. She realizes the changes will be more exciting and better use of resources for the quasi government agency but she also points out the usual resistance of change be adopted by her workers. This is very engaging of the writer as questions start to form from the reader’s perspective. This is where the writer starts the chapter with the reasons for change and the steps to take for successful change.

She formed this chapter into 4 sub-chapters and further established each sub-chapter with quotations and “some work to do” making her readers to be able to read easily and insure readers had a flow of understanding whilst reading. Based on these chapters, the writer started with the first chapter which say’s “change is all around us”. She is trying to say that change can sometimes bring problems between workers, but everybody on the other hand loves change. Cole goes on to explain that people need leadership to help them through the change process and she explains in great detail that because the staff look to their manager for guidance the manager should follow seven steps to assist them. She summarises this with a table showing successful and unsuccessful changes and the reasons why they were successful or not.

By paraphrasing one of Isaac Newton’s Laws, Cole explains that momentum is one of the keys...
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