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 APIIT Level 2

Individual Assignment
LAN switching and WAN networks (LSWN)

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Vidura Perera - CB004449

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16th January 2013
Mr. Balachandran G

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1 Acknowledgment

Firstly I would like to thank Mr.Balachandran G for his continuous support and guidance in this case study. With his total guidance I was able to drive my whole study in to a great path of success. Furthermore I would like to thank Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) for being very helpful throughout my case study in various ways. Mainly the library was very helpful in order to do my referencing. I would also like to thank my parents who helped me with all the resources which I wanted to complete this thesis, and also there were some of my course students who was around me and supported me morally.

2 Introduction

This report is based on APIIT Lanka offering a Nanotechnology degree in a newly purchased building which is 700m away from the current building. As said in the requirement this is to be functioned independently and will have all the departments as the current building. In this case study as a network consultant should take the responsibility of proposing the entire network, the necessary equipments, security issues, and any other operational requirements to meet the goal. In order to complete this thesis it is necessary to reach latest technology approaches and security measures in each and every area.

3 Assumptions

It is assumed that sufficient amount of budget has been approved to establish the necessary equipment and the network. All the devices, protocols & methods are correctly configured, up and running. CEO of APIIT Lanka has given permission to lay the network cables through or along the walls of the building and place the equipment where necessary according to the network diagram. According to the floor plan and equipments the cabling can be done accordingly. For implementation and maintenance sufficient amount of man power is provided by APIIT Lanka. In the floor plan the amount of shown staff work places/computers/desks/tables etc. are not the actual amounts in the building. But the areas for the said departments are confirmed.

4 General Overview of Network Proposal

The entire network of the building is divided into two sections, 1. Core Layer.
2. Distribution layer.
The core layer is like the heart of the network. It is the main controller of the total network as all main retractions and firewalls which helps to guard the system is developed in this layer. The distribution layer does all the distribution to the rest of the network. There are two layer 3 CISCO main-switches established in the server room which holds up the entire network. The network is divided into two main categories namely student and staff. One of the two switches is responsible for the network of all 5 labs, while other switch is responsible for the floor by floor network connectivity to the main server. The above said second main-switch is connected to the sub-switches floor by floor accordingly which are functioning in the distribution layer. Always some remaining switch ports are left in each and every switch for further growth and upgrading of the network. Further all the switches, routers, servers, etc. are correctly configured, up and running while the cabling is done for each equipment.

(Gunawardana, 2012)
4.1 Switches

For the entire network one of the following switches as in figure: 1 & figure: 2 are used where necessary by considering the amount of ports, features and reliability. ACL, VLAN, VLAN manageable, SSH, LACP, RMON, PVE, etc. are supported.

5 Floor by Floor Network Proposal
5.1 Ground Floor
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