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Organizational Change Plan – PB Leiner USA

Cody Kane
Organizational Development
Professor Lee Walker

Executive Summary
PB Leiner is one of the largest gelatin manufacturers in the world that strives for customer excellence, employee safety, and product guarantee. With every organization PB Leiner wants to see areas of cost reduction. Goals are set by the management team to make the demand happen. Research determined that the strongest area to reduce cost is within the maintenance department and how purchasing handles inventory and buying requests.

Procedures set in place within the parts room is not as effective as the organization would like to see. High dollar items sit in the parts room that everyone has access too. At times there are tags with missing parts or the inventory tracking system shows high dollar items gone. From this discovery the company is witnessing the challenges that come with these lost or stolen parts. Maintenance personnel have to hold off on repairing equipment because the lost or stolen parts had to be re-ordered. There is reduction in the maintenance budget when parts have to be re-ordered which reduces their ability to focus on the underlying issues within the organization.

In order to correct such strong issues the management team has determined it to be the best interest of the company to form a change plan team. This team will gather data, evidence and conduct research to determine the best course of action. The change plan will consider not only the organization but the parts room, the employees that it will affect, and the challenges that this change will encounter. The conclusion will be to add a cage in the parts room that will require two additional employees leaving the stockroom attended at all times. This will ensure that parts are checked out accurately leaving no room for lost or stolen parts. Introduction

PB Leiner USA is a firm and notorious gelatin manufacturer whose origins date back to more than a century ago. PB stands for Pont Brûlé, the site in Vilvoorde, Belgium where the company started its operations in 1880 (PB Gelatins, 2013).  PB Gelatins became a division of Tessenderlo Group in 1964, an international chemicals group that employs around 8,200 people in more than 100 branches in 21 countries (PB Gelatins, 2013). As the world's third largest gelatin manufacturer, with a capacity of approximately 44,000 tons per year split between 8 factories across the globe, PB produces a complete range of high quality acid and alkaline type gelatins and hydrolysates used in food, pharmaceutical, health & nutrition, photographic and technical applications (PB Gelatins, 2013). Operating from ISO and HACCP certified factories; PB Leiner produces their gelatins according to the specifications of its customers while complying with national and international regulations. In 1979, PB Leiner USA was established and is the only PB gelatin manufacturing facility in the United States. Located in Davenport, Iowa the business employs 152 people from production, maintenance, purchasing, accounting, logistics, sales, management, and customer service. Being a food manufacturing facility PB Leiner USA possesses several distinctive rules and regulations that must adhere to governmental firms such as the USDA, FDA, and OSHA. Care and concern for health, safety, and the environment are key elements in everyday policy throughout the organization. Employees are involved with implementing environmental policies. Each employee possesses specific tasks and bears individual responsibilities in respect to health, safety, and the environment (PB Gelatins, 2013). Employees are trained and evaluated on their knowledge and expertise. Change and Scope Overview

PB Leiner USA possesses a strong amount of overhead within the maintenance department. Such overhead includes a stockroom full of parts, materials, and equipment. The layout of the stockroom as...

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