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Topics: Management, Change management, Organization development Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: August 6, 2014
Roles of Managers and Individuals Paper
Change is inevitable. Change brings rebirth, renewal, an opportunity to redefine and refocus on how individuals and organizations interact within its environment. Change management seeks the acceptance and adoption of new creative and innovative ways of performing their duties. Change can come in the form of a systems, procedures, policies, or structures. The important focus in organizational change is in the behaviors and results-based production of its employees. Value is delivered to the organization when individual employees take ownership and initiative to engage themselves in the change process. The organizational roles involved in the change process, from executive level managers to front-line supervisors, all have a stake in the direction and ease of change transition. This paper will examine the roles of managers, change agents used, and management’s role in combating resistance, and championing change. Roles of Managers

Leadership in change is an important element which will direct the workflow and communication during change. Like cogs in a machine, each independent role works together to perform its individual expectations based on its focus in the change project. The key management roles in the change process include but are not limited to executives and senior-level management, intermediate-level managers and supervisors, and a project team (individuals). The role of executive and senior-level managers is active participation and visibility throughout the duration of the project, building a group of strong leaders, manage resistance, and communicate with employees. The importance is focused on individual employees observing and hearing a commitment to the change from executives and senior management. Strong leadership generally has the ability to predict success or failure of a project. Intermediate-level managers and front-line supervisors are responsible to communicate, advocate, coach, liaison, and...
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