Resistance To Change Paper

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Resistance to Change Paper II
Chris Loeffler
October 30, 2014
Resistance to Change Paper Part II
In this week’s paper the discussion of resistance to change will be covered and things we can do in order to remedy resistance and still maintain people’s ideas and their individualism. Furthermore, looking at how Lewins model of change will be used in order to expedite and put into practice the process of making change easier. Since there are two types of resistance, organizational and individual and what those major causes are, talking about how Kraft and the complete resistance they endured because of management commitment issues. Times come when people are either forced or told change is coming there is always resistance, no matter if it is natural simply because it is uncomfortable and makes them try new and different things and operating. Most people would rather stick to the known instead of reaching out and taking a risk with the unknown, even if the known has proven not to work or is detrimental to the health of the organization (Heathfield). Kraft experienced resistance from the management side of the company, most all of the employees were okay with the change, but there wasn’t a consensus on the change that was needed, most workers eyes it would be the management team, or more well said the plant manager that would need to be part of the change. Being resistant is most certainly normal when change is coming; even though companies may have employees that cooperate may resist just because it is in our human nature to resist. Once everyone knows change is inevitable it must be mass communicated and done well so that everyone is aware and to gain the support need to have everyone behind the change. Using such an approach will get more people to accept the change and be supportive, if the company thinks employees do not believe in the change or back it up there is a high chance that few members will support Kraft. Lewin created a change management model that has three important states in order to make change have the highest success rate possible. First, unfreeze, what this entails is getting people to understand why the change is important and preparing them to get rid of any old habits and procedures which will take them out of their comfort zones. The reason this is the first stage in the process is because without notifying and preparing people, ourselves included, it causes more resistance to the change. Feeling the need for necessary and urgent change, it happens we become more motivated which in turn helps us to motivate others. Lewin created what is called the force field analysis, simply it just means that there are so many different factors or external/internal factors for and or against the change, in other words make a pros and cons list. Furthermore, one this happens analyzing whether the pros and better then the cons then being able to move forward and make such changes becomes easier, if not then moral can drop and very little growth may come from it. In stage two of Lewins model it talks about the change itself; individuals and organizations that are in the change mode now have to begin to learn new ways to do their jobs and process while making sure they understand the new systems. This tends to be the longest process if changing how to do their job, or use new equipment is needing to be incorporated into their job. Furthermore, this is when mistakes should be expected. Kraft needs to heavily consider a new plant manager, even though this would seem like a hard thing to do, it isn’t because it should not force anyone to change how they currently do their jobs, so case in point the probability of people being motivated to do their job should be substantially hire because getting someone that cares about the people making the product in the plant would be best. Thirdly, freeze locks people into what they are doing the new way and make it hard if not impossible to go back to their old...
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