Ramsey Lillard NT2670 Lab1

Topics: IP address, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Domain Name System Pages: 3 (287 words) Published: April 30, 2015
Ramsey Lillard, NT2670, Lab1

Why is the system prompting you to initialize Disk 1 at this time? Format for a backup drive
What happens to the Disk 1 type and status when the initialization process is complete? Unallocated space Now that Disk 1 has been initialized, why doesn’t it appear in the volume list pane at the top of the console? Because it in unformatted/unallocated Disk0

Basic disk type
80GB size
2 partitions
40GB unallocated

1 partition
16 GB unallocated

Question 5. Max size 4999, minimum size 8, and assign simple volume size Question 6. Fomatted separately and assigned different drive letters (X,Y) Question 9. Configure TCP/IP connection and IP addressing.

Question 10. AD, DHCP and DNS roles
Question 11. Group policy management, Remote Server Admin tools, Role admin tools, AD domain service tools, AD domain controller tools, DHCP server tools, DNS server tools Question 13. Previous checks are greyed out, File Services box now has a check. Question 14. A description is given at the right of each as the check marks are added Question 15. Warning: Windows search service and index service cannot run on same server 10.

1. Data is pushed to Disk 2 because of spanned volumes
2. 3 partitions with 1 unallocated on 0
3. This enhanced level of security reduces the risk of attack from Web-based content that is not secure, but it may also prevent Web sites from displaying correctly and restrict access to network resources.

LAB 1-3
Question 1. dsadd user “CN=User1,CN=Marketing,DC=Contoso##,DC=Com” –pwd P@ssw0rd Question 2. –pwd switch allows a password to be assigned to an account for login
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