Radical Islam

Topics: Islam, September 11 attacks, Jihad Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Terrorism, everyone has a different picture or thought that comes into their heads. Some people think of any person that is from a Middle Eastern country, a person with a darker skin that wears a towel on their head, or a woman with a black cloth that covers their faces except for their eyes. Almost everyone stereo types people especially when it comes to looks and even their way they speak.

Arabian and Islamic people are the most discriminated group of people in America and possibly the whole world. The reason for this is the terrorist attacks that have been occurring more often, the most major event that happened lately was 9/11. 9/11 was when four airplanes were high jacked by radical Islamic terrorists and flew two of the planes into the World Trade Center or the Twin Towers, one flew into the pentagon building and one was heading toward the White House and somehow crashed into the ground before reaching their destination. Also in July 2005the bombing of the London transit system.

“Terrorists think that getting rid of the people in power will solve all their problems.” Many groups believe this concept including terrorists.”A popular explanation was that economic deprivation and a lack of education caused people to adopt extreme views and turn to terrorism.”(what makes a terrorist) Terrorists are always trying to take down any form of government that may seem unjust to the terrorist group. They are much like a rebellious teenager going against the system or the man in most cases.

“The extremists construe jihad almost exclusively as an external struggle, which requires war and all manifestations of deception, terrorism, and torture. Habeck says this belief is rejected by moderate Muslims, who stress the view of jihad as an individual, internal struggle. These moderates, according to Habeck, are the heirs to Islamic jurisprudence that used the Qur'an, hadith, and life of Muhammad to determine the Islamically correct way to conduct war. Centuries before...
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