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North Carolina Procurement Transformation Change Management and Communications Plan April 8, 2011



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Executive Summary Integrated Change Management and Communications Approach Change Management Strategy and Plan of Activities Communications Strategy and Plan Communications Planning Timelines – – – – Strategy & Governance Organization Sourcing Technology

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Executive Summary
The Change Management and Communications Plan includes a strategy and framework to effectively engage stakeholders and communicate changes necessary across the transformation areas to achieve the desired results and sustain the benefits of the effort. The goal of the change management and communications effort is to align executive leadership and build commitment, manage the changes, and enable the organizational transformation to support the complex process of implementing the approved recommendations in the Strategy & Governance, Organization, Sourcing, and Technology areas. Achieving the change management objectives helps the State more effectively implement the changes necessary to realize the vision for the transformation, achieve the desired results, and realize the long-term benefits of the program.

Procurement Transformation Vision
Change Management Objectives
• Ensure Effective Leadership • Build and Sustain Ownership • Build and Maintain Case for Change • Avoid Overload in Executing Change Activities • Mitigate Resistance to Change • Foster Effective Communications

Create a customer-focused enterprise to achieve increased procurement effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance resulting in significant financial benefit for taxpayers by reducing the costs of acquiring goods and services.



Executive Summary – Change Management Recommendations
Change Management activities will enable leadership to gauge the readiness, willingness, and ability of organizations and employees impacted by Procurement Transformation to function in a new environment. Change Management Recommendations: • Build Alignment and Leadership Commitment - Implement the recommended Governance Model to support creating leadership alignment allowing program sponsors and State leadership to speak with a “single-voice” regarding the ongoing transformation effort and sustain the improved procurement function • Enable the Organization to Transform - Implement the recommended Operating Model and supporting organizational structure to enable the procurement function’s transformation and sustain changes necessary to achieve the vision - Implement the appropriate training and development programs to enable employees to succeed in the new operational environment • Manage the Change - Closely align the change management effort with program leadership to assist in scheduling activities focused on identifying challenges based on the rate of change or the capacity for the organization/individuals to cope with the amount of change - Use a change management interaction model to select multiple and appropriate activities at any given point in time of the transformation - Implement a Change Network as a way to formalize peer-to-peer information sharing and support program communications, as well as, implement changes as a result of process or technology initiatives - Leverage various meetings and forums to share successes and leading practices, prepare individuals for upcoming changes, encourage participation in change efforts, and gauge adoption of and/or resistance to specific changes - Use both Change Readiness Surveys compared to the results from the baseline survey and other short readiness surveys to monitor watch areas, gauge readiness for specific initiatives, and identify issues 4


Executive Summary – Communications Recommendations
The design and implementation of an effective communications program is critical to the success of the Procurement Transformation. Communications...
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