Problems at Perrier

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Working With Change at Perrier


Working With Change at Perrier

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Working With Change at Perrier


Working With Change at Perrier
Resistance to change is more than just an unwillingness to cooperate and accept implement changes. It involves behavioral and cognitive factors that define how a person feels and what they think about the change. Resistance to change is a common occurrence; however, people also have an understanding of the change and embrace it. The case study Problems at Perrier faces issues of resistance to change and strained relationships. By the end of this short essay we will understand two things about Perrier’s troubles. There will be a clearer definition of the key elements of the resistance to change and we will have also developed a strategy for dealing with the situation.

The Communication Connection
One thing that can be noted is management may not agree with the changes because of the unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge based on the real issues. “Managers, at least as much as any other category of employee, are likely to have within their ranks a range of opinions as to whether a proposed change is a good idea.” (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009, p. 170). When the managers look back and see that profits were large and growth developed at a rapid pace, moving forward with change is difficult. Often people need to see what is in it for them or have a clear idea of why exactly any change is needed when things worked fine previously.

Personal Attachment
Change can be taken personal and have an affect on a person’s interest in the organization. People who have stocks or retirement plans built in as part of their income might show a strong resistance to the change. That self-interest shows concern for how the change will affect them rather than focus on whether it will be good for the organization.

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Working With Change at Perrier


This personal...
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