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Change on the Horizon at Parkway Nursing
Parkway Nursing Care is a large, regional chain of skilled nursing care centers. Established in 1972 with just two homes, it has experienced exponential growth due to a large infusion of money from an investor and now consists of over 180 facilities. The business’s core values are: providing outstanding care and dignity to all patients it serves. Although the business has remained true to these values, a number of challenges have developed as a result of the rapid growth. Parkway is need of a change management plan, based on results of the Lewin model, to continue its tradition of excellence. Lewin Force Field Analysis (with arbitrary scale):

Total: 13 Total: 9
Change management requires transition planning. After data collection, analysis of the current state, and forecasting expected trends the change planning process can begin. First, a clear goal for the change (“Future State”) must be stated through a vision/mission statement, and it must be prominent and well-known throughout the company. The next step is to “Identify Transition Preconditions’ which consider any obstacle that may be encountered during the change process. As described in the scenario, Parkway employees already feel their concerns are not being heard, let alone addressed. Following these, the third step in transition planning is “Evaluate Transition Abilities” where the vision starts to solidify into an actionable plan. Here Parkway needs to determine how the goal of ‘improved performance (care)’ is achieved. This is potentially the most the most difficult step. The employees are responsible for maintaining the high level of care, so their scheduling needs and safety concerns will need to be included in the plan at this point. The final two steps, “Develop an Incremental Master Plan” and “Communicate Transitional Activity” can be achieved if proper, customary procedures are followed by the change management team. For a change plan to succeed, certain leadership styles will be more successful than others. The leader of the change management team primarily needs to focus on building with relationships with all stakeholders, including Parkway administrators and employees and foster a team collaborative environment. He/she needs the intellectual ability to clearly communicate the need and process for change, and a high Emotional IQ (EQ) who at times will need to be compassionate when at the low point of the emotional cycle of change and as change progresses, cheerleader skills to rally participation towards realization. A great leader will also need to make difficult decisions and to adjust the plan based on performance metrics if results are not being achieved. Meaningful change cannot occur until the need for change has been established and felt by all stakeholders within the organization. The Appreciative Interview is often conducted as a first step. The results, often combined with focus groups, are used to identify the problems, along with employee-based solutions. This method is beneficial in facilitating change because it gives employees a sense of empowerment while at the same time crystallizes the realization of the need for change. Employee feedback collected thus far highlights the demanding physical and psychological nature of the work. Incident data shows an increased injury rate as well. Although this has not affected employee turnover yet, it could in the future. The change management plan begins with “unfreezing” current scheduling practices by administrators.

After data collection, analysis of the current state, forecasting expected trends can be used as a performance management metric to measure change progress. If predictions are realized, patient population will continue to grow (red line in graph). To measure the “Combat Stress” metric, the Change Management Agent should look for decreases in employee incidents, injuries, and absences (gray, red,...
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