Overview on Ipsec

Topics: Internet Protocol, IP address, Cryptography Pages: 9 (2720 words) Published: November 29, 2012
II.The need for IPSec3
1.Internet threats3
2.TCP/IP security vulnerabilities4
3.The need for IPSec5
III.What is IPSec5
1.What is IPSec5
2.IPSec properties6
IV.IPSec structure6
1.Authentication header (AH)6
2.Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)7
V.Security Associations (SA)8
1.Security Associations8
2.Combining Security Associations9
3.SA and key management10
VI.Building a real VPN with IPSec11
1.VPN overview11
2.IPSec in VPN11
VII.Future Research13

I. Abstract
* It can be seen clearly that the Internet has developed with a very high speed in many recent years. In the 80s of last century, the Internet was only used in US army, but nowadays, the Internet has come to every country, every home and everyone. However, such fast develops also go along with the increasing number of security issues from the Internet. Therefore there is a need to find a security solution for this issue and that is the season why Internet Protocol Securities exists. * In this paper, i will introduce a overview about this security protocol: what is it? What are its core components? And how this protocol was implemented in the practical? II. The need for IPSec

1. Internet threats
* The Internet is quickly changing our world, particularly in the way we do business. The fast development of technology has helped to increase the connection speed of Internet and decrease the cost also. This has given the opportunity for people who know how to take advantage of it. The Internet enables such things as: * Extranets: companies can easily link with their business partners and their customers. In the past, we have to use dial up line with low bandwidth, so we have to wait a bit long to get the connection to a web sites or send messages to our friend via yahoo messenger. But today with the quick development of the technology, the speed of the Internet has been increased significantly, therefore the Internet can enable instant and on-demand high-speed communications with our business customers and partners around the world . * Intranets: a powerful tool is widely used for providing the communication in a organization.. * Remote users: the Internet also provides a solution for users who don’t need to go to the company till can connect and access to the company network. This will help to reduce the transport cost and also increase the productive of the company. * It can be said that the Internet provides many business opportunities, but if there is not the proper controls, your data can become a subject to various kinds of security attacks. * Loss of Privacy

There are many ways that the Internet users can lose their privacy information such as: the address, family information, phone number, credit cards and so on. This information can be used in marketing purposes such as send spam mail about a new product to many people or more dangerously, It can be used for thief or criminal purposes such as: credit care stealing, disclose personal information to the public and so on. * Loss of Data Integrity

Even in case your credential is not stolen but there is still need a solution to help ensure the integrity of data. For example, when you do an transaction, your password are not be disclosed but if the number of money of your transaction was modified, you still got a big problem. * Identity Spoofing

The Internet is an un-trusted network so be careful with your identity when you surf on the Internet because an intruder can impersonate you and get the access to your confidential. * Denial-of-service

As organizations take advantage of the Internet, there is a issue that the service being performed is almost always a constant time operation, so it is easy for an external observer process to detect a Dos attack. These attacks are generally transient. 2. TCP/IP...

References: 1. Www.wikipedia.org
2. http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2401#section-4.4.3
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