Organizational Change Management

Topics: Strategic planning, Change management, Statements Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: June 14, 2011
This paper discusses and explores the “Vision of Managing Change” as it pertains to the model of dealing with Organizational Change Management. It examines several concepts when talking about any organization’s vision statement as it relates to addressing change. Vision statements help provide a declaration to customers and/or clients that defines the organization’s purpose and goals, it lets them know why the organization exists. Some of those statements can be all encompassing or straight to the point. The specifics of the statement depend on the type of organization and the products/service it provides. Vision statements also provide guidance to employees by letting them know what the aspirations are of the company and how they fit into those goals. They also inspire employees to be part of the organization, whether it involves the day to day operations or when a company is going through a complete organizational change. As stated in the course textbook, “Having a strategic vision is linked to competitive advantage, enhancing organizational performance, and achieving sustained organizational growth.” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, 2009). Within my personnel employer organization, we have a vision statement which says, “Integrated Healthcare delivery across the entire continuum of care, and the best medicine for each individual patient (Reitermann, 2010). Though we are presently going through some organizational changes, my employers statement demonstrates how the company is making the point of addressing aspects in healthcare in general enough terms, while also trying to address all personnel on an individual level.

Application Analysis
My employer only recently reconstructed its vision statement. I believe they did so that the company would benefit from being more intimate not only with customers but also with employees... Along with the company’s vision statement, they also have a mission statement and strategy statement....

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