Organizational Change

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Organizational Change
Dana Gibson
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GM591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Instructor R Salitore

The organization that I will be completing my final project on is Aon Hewitt. Aon Hewitt is the leader in Human Resources Solutions such as consulting, benefits administration and HR business process outsourcing. Within the organization I am a Benefits Operations Manager, my role entails working with the client to resolve employee escalations and issues. I have a staff of four employees two onshore and two offshore in which I am responsible for delegating task along with training and development. At this time we are gearing up for Annual Enrollment which is the benefits enrollment period for my client which happens to be the internal organization Aon Hewitt. This is the first Annual Enrollment in which Aon and Hewitt employees will be combined and integrated into one system and will all be offered the same benefits package for the first time. The purchase of Hewitt Associates has left many employees from both organizations angry, confused and unsure about the upcoming changes within the organization. The organization previously known has Hewitt Associates was purchased by Aon in July 2010 has become a strong provider of Human Resources Solutions around the Globe. “Aon Hewitt is the world’s pre-eminent human resources consulting and outsourcing firm with the resources, expertise, and global reach to solve the most pressing and complex people challenges that organizations face today (Aon Inc, 2011).” Aon Hewitt is the Human Resources business under the Aon Company whose primary business includes Risk, Reinsurance and Human Resources. Aon Hewitt is the largest HR outsourcing provider in the world with over 70 years’ experience in HR (Aon Inc, 2011). Aon Hewitt provides Consulting Services, Business Administration and HR Business Process Outsourcing for companies around the globe. Aon Hewitt provides a combination of their services for many of the Fortune 500 companies such as, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, AT&T, Verizon, Home Depot, Target, Boeing, State Farm and Johnson & Johnson just to name a few. Location

* The Aon Corporation headquarters is located in Chicago, IL. Aon Hewitt is located approximately 20 miles north of the Aon headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL. * Aon has over 500 offices in a total of 120 countries (Aon Inc, 2011). Financial Facts

* 2010 total revenue 8.5 Billion (CNN, 2011)
* Aon Hewitt made up 25% of 2010 total revenue
* 2010 Annual profit was 733 Million (CNN, 2011)
* Aon employs 59,000 employees with approximately 29,000 of those employees employed under Aon Hewitt. Aon Hewitt still continues to be a leader in the Human Resources Solution industry. They have continued to be a leader because their values have not changed and they have been able to provide superior service to their clients and many clients for several years including through this rough economy. Aon Hewitt is currently going through organizational changes that will have a major impact on employees of both organizations. Aon purchasing Hewitt Associates back in 2010 has left many employees from both organizations on edge about the future of the organization as well as personal impacts. Many organizations are able to launch the plan for organizational change even when the culture does not agree with the changes (Murray & Richardson, 2002). With strategic planning and strategy organizations can prevent the impacts of the resistance to the company.

With this paper some leadership and behavioral concepts that will be discussed are communication, which is very important when discussing change management within any organization. Open dialogue amongst all levels of the organization is a must for there to be minimal impact to the organization and employees. In...

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