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Topics: Change management Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: December 26, 2012
One of the most serious problems organizations have to face while adopting to change processes has to do with resistance to change among change recipients (TUI). I will explore ways that change agents can contribute to change resistance, while presenting examples to demonstrate such. Utilizing resistance as a positive resource will be analyzed and discussed, while discussing the common mistakes that managers make when trying to initiate change and 8 steps that are suggested for use to overcome the problems associated with change.

I. Introduction
Organizational change is something that is common in the workplace. The goal to get it implemented is the issue. This is where the resistance to change plays a part. Individuals have various reasons why they are resistant to the change, and for this module, I will explore the contribution to change resistance, point out some examples, discuss some of the common mistakes used when trying to implement change, steps to overcome the change and some of the positive outcomes to change. At the conclusion of my critical analysis, there will be a better understanding on change resistance and the way it operates. II. Contribution to Change Resistance

Some ways that change agents contribute to change resistance that are listed in “Resistance to Change” (Ford, J.D., Ford, L.W. & D’Amelio, A, 2008) are: Breach of agreements, violation of trust, communication breakdowns, misrepresentation, and no call for action. (Ford, J.D., Ford, L.W. & D’Amelio, A, 2008,p 4-6). Contributing to change resistance can sometimes be done without knowing. The participant intentions may be for the good, but the outcome could actually be resistance to change. IIb. Examples of Change Resistance

Examples of change resistance are: failing to legitimize change, misrepresenting its chance for success, failing to call people to action (Ford, J.D., Ford, L.W. & D’Amelio, A, 2008,p 4-6). Other example of change...

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