Organisational Behaviour Assignment

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Performance Review Report
Cho Cho Phyu Company Limited
Group - 2

“We can say that there can be a change situation, when the people are dissatisfied with the current status or current situation.”
Kurt. W. Lewin
“Change can be happened when the people in the organization are open-minded and willing to change.” U Aye Kyaw(MHR)


We would like to express our sincere acknowledgements to all those who have helped us in preparation for this project.
Initially, we would especially like to express my gratitude to our teachers- TakeruOhe, PhosyChanhming, and Yasushi Ishida who give the training of COBLAS Myanmar (Consulting Based On Learning Asean Small and Medium Enterprises).

We are greatly in debt of gratitude to all of our Myanmar teachers for their encouragement, unflagging support and invaluable guidance throughout our project. We are very much grateful to Daw Phyu Phyu Seinn, Managing Director of Cho Cho Phyu Co., Ltd (SPIKE Fashion Collection) who allows us to do the research in her company and gives us invaluable datas, information and help which is very important for our project. Furthermore, our special thanks are due to the employees in Cho Cho Phyu Co., Ltd, for their contribution and help in our change process. Last, we would like to offer my thanks to the authors and publishers mentioned in the references for using their materials in preparing this project. Many thanks to everybody who gave us help and support throughout our project.

Executive Summary
People are talking about the powerful word called ‘Change’, which is really popular in the human society started from the not more than the past three decades. And yes, this will be happened continuously at every time and in every situation. This is also happened in our business environment. Many literatures say that the environment that the businesses operate is ‘rapidly and massively changing’. So, here are only two questions for all the businesses. Those questions are “kill?” or “be killed?”. For the business to be successful in the foreseeable future, it has to be killed the change before it is too late. So, the businesses must have aligned its internal arrangement with the demand of external changes. In this project, we focus on the aspect of ‘Starting up the Human Resource Department and introducing about Customer-led Culture’ at the company called “SPIKE Fashion Collection”, which is a successful fashion brand in Myanmar.

Cho Cho Phyu Company is started with a humble sole trader business structure in 1992, in the Third Capital City of Myanmar, Mandalay. And then, the business moves to Yangon in 2006 and formed as a private limited company. Also in 2006, Cho Cho Phyu company launched a fashion brand called ‘SPIKE’, which offers woman clothing to both business and consumer markets. Now, SPIKE is very popular brand for its local target markets of both Upper Lower and Lower Middle classes who live in suburb areas. Now Cho Cho Phyu hasTwoShow Rooms, in some downtown areas and TwoGarment Factories, which are operating very well.

Business Canvas


Upper Lower Classes
Lower Middle Classes

‘Spike’ is a fashion brand which is well established and has a good quality and reasonable price to its target market. the design is the main proposition for it, which is mostly emphasise on the comfort and confidence for its targets. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP

Personal Assistant, Email, Phone, Letters

Indirect Channel
Direct Channel

Reasonable Market Experience

Cutting, Making , Packaging, Selling and Distribution


Social / Environmental Costs
Financial Risk
Capital Investment


Business community

Well established Brand

Seven Colour
Textile Co.,Ltd...
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