Objectives: Management and Business Research

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Research Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: September 14, 2013
* Recognize a situation, problem, issue, or opportunity that needs addressing. * Determine the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to the situation, problem, issue, or opportunity. * Identify ethical issues involved in business research.

* Describe the business research process.

In week one, I was able to strengthen my skills in recognizing situations, problems, issues, or opportunities that need to be addressed. I learned to analyze situations that need to be addressed which helps to develop a solution to what is causing the gap. The gap can be caused by communication, poor managerial skills, etc. I learned to find a solution to the issue you have to come up with a plan or approach, by researching the situation that needs to be resolved by using the business research process. I learned that there can be ethical issues involved in business research such as employee work conditions, behavior, and so on. I also learned that the business research process help you explore the whole business, you should be exploring the business and what the offer, the clientele, the competitors and how they price and promote their products and the industry itself. If you explore this information the research can provide valuable information that can benefit the business and their process. All of the information that I learned could apply to the HeroBuilders case study because they were unprepared as new management into the doll business, if they would have done a more extensive business research on learning everything possible about the industry then the company would have been able to address problems and issues in a better manner.
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