NT2670 Lab2

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Colton Young
Professor Coke
Lab 2-1
1. Which computer is hosting the Administrator account that you specified in this authentication? ServerA

2. Which of the previous tasks could be completed using Server Manager instead of other consoles? You can add roles and configure network settings.
3. Based on the information in the main Server Manager display, what roles are currently installed on the computer? None
4. What features are currently installed on the computer?
5. What was the result of the installation?
Successful installation

Sorry I closed the box it wanted but this shows that I installed all the features successfully.

6. What happens to the wizard when you select the File Services checkbox? Role services page was added
7. What happens to the wizard when you select the Windows Search Services checkbox? The volumes to index page is added
8. What happens to the wizard if you select the Windows Server 2003 File Services checkbox? A dialog box pops up with a message saying windows search service and indexing service cannot both be installed on the same server.

Lab exercise
1. In Exercise 2-1-1, what credentials were required to join the contoso.com domain? The admin account credentials from server A
2. In Exercise 2-1-2, what is the effect of turning off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration? The effect of turning off IE ESC is allowing access to Websites using Internet Explorer Lab 2-2

1. Why is the Windows Process Activation Services needed to run the Web Server (IIS) role? Because it removes the dependency of HTTP
2. What conclusion can you draw from this result?
A default document is not configured for the requested URL, and directory browsing is not enabled on the server

3. What do you predict will happen when you refresh the Internet Explorer page again? Why? That it will not work because the name has been changed.
4. What is the result this time? Why is the result different? It worked because the name was changed and was called from inside the default document 5. What is the result this time? Why is the result different? The IIS splash screen doesn’t show up I assume due to the fact that the iisstart file is not in the default document, but since I enabled directory browsing I can see what is in the wwwroot file

6. How is this error message page different from the previous one? It is not as detailed as the original

7. Why is it necessary to change the Save As Type value to All Files? So that you can save it as a .htm file instead of a .txt file

8. What happens?
A page is displayed with contoso, LTD. And the web address.

9. What happens now?
It shows the site for sales.contoso.com

10. How is IIS7 able to distinguish between the two URLs when the www## and sales## names resolve to the same IP address? Through DNS
11. Which Web page appears when you key the URL http://NT2670Srv##A.contoso##.com? Why? The IIS7 splash screen appears. It is the default webserver and has no HTML codeing and is resolved by DNS 12. Which Web page appears when you key a URL containing the server’s IP address instead of a name? Why? The default site has no IP address defined in its binding. The incoming request has the servers IP address as its host name, which IIS7 does not recognize, and it forwards the request to the default site. 13. Why is the public folder you created accessible through the www## Web site? It is just a subfolder inside the www website

14. What are the results of the authentication and authorization tests? Explain the results. The authentication test passes, and the authorization test fails. The authorization fails because the IIS7 account does not have access to the C:\Users\Student99\Links folder. 15. What are the results now?

They both execute successfully.
16. What URL must you use in Internet Explorer to access the virtual directory you just created? http://www.contoso.com/links
17. What is the result?...
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