NT2670 Lab 3

Topics: Web page, IP address, Web server Pages: 4 (275 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Lab 3
1. The IIS7 web page appears.
2. The IIS7 web page appears.
3. The default web page for is set to be the IIS7 oage.
4. The detailed error 403.6 Forbidden is displayed.
5. The basic error 403.6 forbidden is displayed.
6. The IIS7 web page is displayed.
7. The error page remains.
8. This is because there is no DNS setup to establish the link between the local address and the address name. Computer Name
IP Address
9. The IIS7 web page is displayed.
10. It will not connect because it is not in the allowed list.

11. Anonymous Authentication
12. The specific user is IUSR users.
13. The error 401.2 – Unauthorized is displayed. This is because the authorization was set for the user IUSR05 account which was disabled.. 14. The IIS7 webpage is displayed. This is because the IUSR05 user was re-enabled. 15. Anonymous Authentication

16. The IIS7 webpage is displayed.
17. Anonymous Authentication, it is first available on the list. 18. An Anonymous Authentication user/password authorization page is displayed. 19. Basic Authentication. It required an authorization.

20. It re-displays the authorization page
21. The error 401.1 – unauthorized page is displayed.

22. The web page displays correctly.
23. The web page displays correctly.
24. Basic, because it is first on the list.

25. Because the binding are unique to each other and do not conflict with each other. 26. The error 403.4 – Forbidden is displayed. This is due to the page being secured by SSL.

27. The IIS7 webpage is displayed.
28. Because the certificate is not entered on Server05B.
Review Questions
1. No they would not, because their ip address were not in the allowed table. 2. This is because the domain user was authorized to view the web page. 3. This is required for Internet explorer to read the windows authentication values..
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