NT2670 Email and Web Services Lab 1

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Week 2

Lab 2

1. NT2670 Srv14B

2. Add roles , add features

3. 0 roles installed

4. 0 features installed

5. Installation succeeded

6. It continues with the installation

7. When you select windows search services checkbox there is no troubles installing it

8. It tells you that windows search service and indexing service cannot both be installed.

1. Because it generalizes the ISS process model removing dependency on HTTP

2. The default document that was deleted is needed in order to be configured for the requested URL.

3. Prediction is that it would work

4. It doesn’t show error 403.14

5. It gives you the two files associated with the IP address

6. Error 403 Forbidden Access is denied

7. Because we are going to use it as an HTML file not as text

8. It takes you to the website you created

9. It shows the Sales website

10. Every address created has a different host name.

11. It takes you to the default IIS7 Page

13. It was created inside folder “www14 “ as a subfolder

14. Can’t verify access pass ISS manager cannot verify whether built in account has access

15. Path is accessible

16. www14.contoso14.com/links

17. http error 403.14

18. enable it will give you a list of folders under links URL



1.It takes me to the website created on Lab 2

2.Page can’t be displayed

3.It only allows you to access IP address that are allowed on your “add restrictions”

4.HTTP Error 403.6

5.HTTP Error 403.6 Microsoft phishing filter alert box pops up

6.Allows to see the website created on Lab2

7.HTTP Error 403.6

8.Denied IP address

9.Was able to access website from Lab 2

10.It would not connect if you don’t allow it and if you don’t add the desired IP address

11.Anonymous Authentication


13.HTTP Error 401.2 not able to display page due to invalid authentication IUSR account is disabled

14.Page was displayed because IUSR account was enabled

15.Anonymous Authentication is enabled

16.It takes you the created website from Lab2

17.Anonymous Authentication if you go to IIS manager console it will tell you what Authentication is currently

being enabled or disabled.

18.A logging and password window appears

19.Basic Authentication

20.Not able to Logging

21.Error 401.1 Unauthorized don’t have permission to view page bad password and user name.

22.Credentials were verified at logon was able to access website

23.Was able to access website

24.Windows Authentication because it was enabled

25.Because both are using different ports.

26.Error 403.4 Page Forbidden Page is secured with SSL

27.A Logging and password window appears

28.It does not fail to load a Logging and password window appears.

NT2670 Email and Web Services

Unit 5 Assignment 1

1.Ports 80 ,7007,1755 TCP-135

2.Windows Server Networking

Windows domain structure and security

TCP/IP networking concepts

3.It is simple to use and works with most browsers, proxy servers, and firewalls

4.RTSP, mms://,HTTP

Unit 6 Assignment 1

1.A method, protocol, or network service the capability fir a networked device such as a router or computer

2.It should be used but it is not needed but you may run into problems if you don’t have a static IP like lots of SPAM. Definitely recommended in a larger company

3.Yes but you would need to have additional spam software to take care of all the SPAM

4.DynDNS they have very good review and seem to work well for most people as well as being reasonably priced.
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