NT2640 Student Final Review

Topics: MAC address, IPv4, IP address Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: May 14, 2015
Final Review NT2640

1. Cut-through frame processing by a switch allows the switch to discard frames that fail the FCS check? 2. When a switch receives an Ethernet frame to a destination MAC address which is not in the devices MAC address table the switch applies the following logic: ____________________? 3. Which of the following correctly describes the collision domain design trade-offs? 4. When setting a local Cisco switchport to initiate the negotiation of a trunk link with the remote switch, the administrative mode is referred to as ________?

5. Which component of IPv6 neighbor discovery replaces the capabilities of ARP? 6. Which type of UTP cabling is required to connect to hosts back-to-back? 7. Which type of ICMP message will be returned to host by a remote router if that router does not have a route to a network? 8. Which Cisco IOS show command aids in the troubleshooting of routing protocols by displaying information on which protocol(s) is enabled and as well as passive interfaces? 9. IPv6 broadcast addresses are used in a similar manner to IPv4 broadcast addresses? 10. Inverse ARP in Frame Relay provides ________?

11. Which one of the following is an encapsulation type of Frame Relay LMI? 12. Which one of the following summary routes correctly includes the subnets,,, and, mask but does not include more prefixes than necessary? 13. Which one of the following OSPF neighbor states is the expected state after completion of the exchange of topology information?

14. When a bridge/switch receives a Ethernet frame into an interface, what does it do with the source MAC address? 15. Which VTP mode configures the switch to receive and forward VTP messages but does not use the VTP messages to update the local VLAN database? 16. Which one of the following describes the forwarding logic followed by switch when it receives a frame destined to a MAC address that is in its MAC address table? 17. Which type of...
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