Nt1430 Linux Chapter 20 Exercises

Topics: IP address, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, E-mail Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: June 27, 2013
NT1430 Christopher A. Gerbasi Linux Mr. Bodley 4/25/2013 Chapter 20 Exercises (p. 757) 1-6 1. By default, email addressed to system goes to root. How would you also save a copy in /var/logs/systemmail? A) Edit the /etc/aliases file to include the entry below: System: root, /var/logs/systemmail

2. How would Max store a copy of his email in ~/mbox and send a copy to max@example.com? A) Max needs to create a ~ /.forward file with the following lines: $ cat ~ /.forward

3. If your firewall allowed only the machine with the IP address to send email outside the network, how would you instruct the local copy of sendmail to use this server as a relay? If your firewall allowed only the machine with the IP address to send email outside the network, 4. What does dnl stand for in the m4 macro language? What are dnl commands used for? A) A) The dnl command, which stands for delete to new line, instructs the compiler to ignore anything on a line following a dnl. It is used to set off. Describe how setting the dc_eximconfig_configtype variable in /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf,conf to smart host affects exim4 behavior. What happens when you set this variable to internet? Setting dc_eximconfig_configtype to smarthost causes exim4 to: a. accept email originating on local systems for delivery to local systems. b.

5. SpamAssasin is installed on your email server, with the threshold set to an unusually low value of 3, resulting in a lot of false positives. What rule could give your mail client to allow it to identify spam with a score of 5 or higher. A) Toggle line numbers

1 #!/bin/bash
2 #
3 # spamfilter.sh
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