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Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, IPv4 Pages: 5 (720 words) Published: May 19, 2015
Which two of the following are Layer 2 protocols commonly used in WANs? PPP and HDLC
Which of the following describes a collision domain?
Devices connected to an Ethernet hub
Which of the following protocol operates at the OSI model Transport Layer?  UDP
What process is used by a DNS server to add a UDP header to the contents of a DNS query response, followed by adding an IP header, and then adding a data link header and trailer is an example of what? Data Encapsulation 

The term autonomous system (AS) refers to the collection of metrics for routes to a particular network. False
Given the 5 bits of a subnet mask for the host portion of an IP addresses are available? 30
The interface type at the demark for a DS1/T1 circuit at is ____. RJ-48
Given the following routing table on a router, which next hop will the router select given the IP packet with the destination address of: Router 2
Which address below belongs to the Class A network range?
Which of the following dynamic routing protocols is an exterior gateway protocol? BGP
Out of the following which does a router normally use when making a decision about routing an IP packet? Destination IP Adress
How many bits comprise the network portion of a Class C address? 24
A broadcast address is an address that only a single host listens to on the network. False
How many usable host addresses are available in a Class C network? 254
Which protocol is responsible for resolving MAC addresses from IP addresses? ARP
What is the broadcast address for the IP subnet mas
Which is the well-known port number for DNS?
What is the CIDR(slash) notation equivalent to the dotted decimal of /30
Classful IP addressing____
Allows only the default class A,B, and C network mask rules What is the dotted decimal equivalent to the slash notation of /25
The Cisco IP address secondary address assignment option allows the network interface to communicate to hosts on different IP subnets  True
Using the following routing table on a router, which next hop will the router select given the IP packet with the destination address of Interface 0
What two metrics are used by default in EIGRP metric calculation? Bandwidth and delay
Which of the following are not features of a connectionless oriented protocol like UDP? Flow control
Which of the following routing protocols does not support VLSM? RIP v1
What is the term used to describe the Point-to-Point WAN connection provided by a provider over a TDM circuit? Leased Line
What is equivalent to the decimal number 127 in hexadecimal? 7F
What is the subnet ID for the IP address
Which of the following Cisco IOS commands copies the current running configuration to a TFTP server? copy running-config tftp
Which of the following is a private IP network, classified by RFC1918?
What Microsoft Windows IP networking command displays the status of current TCP connections? netstat-an
Which of the following mask could create an IP subnet from a Class B network that could contain 500 hosts?
Which of the following has the lowest Cisco IOS administrative distance? Static Rout
Which sequence of Cisco IOS router commands would correctly configure a router to utilize RIP v2 and advertise the network? router ripnetwork 2
What command is the correct syntax for adding a static route to a Cisco router? ip rout
If two hosts are assigned to two different IP subnets the hosts do not require an IP router to communicate with each other False
Which of the following is a reserved IP address?
What is the well-known port number for SMTP?
Which item is an encapsulation protocol that can be used on Cisco routers when configuring...
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