Network with Two Subnets

Topics: IP address, Router, Subnetwork Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Assignment 2: LAN with Two Subnets
Gabriel Jerez
Strayer University: Asynchronous

CIS408: Network Infrastructure Planning
October 28, 2012

A LAN consisting of two subnets with a total of 50 users, each subnet consisting of 25 users, a domain controller, and a switch must be connected using the appropriate networking equipment. In my design I decided to use a Cisco 2900 Series Router to connect the two subnets (Cisco , 2012). The router has both routing statements, which include the IP addresses of each switch that resides in each subnet for subnet A and for subnet B. This routing statement provides the information for the router to create it’s routing table to forward packets to the other subnet without dropping them because it now knows where to send such packets. A Layer 3 switch could also be used but in order to maintain scalability I decided to use the router instead.

Each subnet has a Cisco 300 Series Managed Switch (Cisco, 2012). For the 25 workstations to connect to the other network I gave each switch an IP address ( for subnet A and for subnet B) and configured as such to act as a default gateway as part of the TCP/IP configuration needed for the computers to communicate. As well as these networking pieces of equipment each subnet has a domain controller with Windows Server 2003. I am using Static IP addressing for my computers although you can create a scope of the range of IP addresses for each network, which are through for Subnet A and through for subnet B. From there you can also create IP exclusions for the Domain Controller as well as for the switch and the Router.

The computers must be configured correctly in order for the entire network to communicate. For the individual workstations the user or administrator needs to access the TCP/IP properties of that computer and manually enter...

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