Network Troubleshooting

Topics: Subnetwork, IP address, Classless Inter-Domain Routing Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: April 3, 2013
When troubleshooting a computer network, it is very important that we look at every small detail in that network. One small mistake like a mistyped number can make all the difference in the way a network performs. In the case of the diagram E-1, there are many problems like this that can cause the network to not perform the way it is supposed to. Some of these problems include the IP addresses, subnet masks, and default gateways in this network. All of these things need to be correct and working together in order for the network to function properly.

First, we must start with the problems with the network shown in the diagram. There are many issues with this network, but I chose four problems to take a look at and try to resolve. This network uses subnetting to configure their network. Subnetting is basically splitting up the network of computers into smaller groups, or subnets, in order to make a large network more manageable. Many of the computers on the network are using the wrong subnet mask. A subnet mask is a string of numbers that “determines which part of the IP address is the network ID and which part is the host ID” (Tomsho, 2011). In the first group of computers off of Router 1, computers A and D both are using the wrong subnet mask. Another group of computers from Router 2 and Switch 2 also have the wrong subnet mask. All of the computers in this group have the wrong subnet mask (computers N, M, and L). Another problem with this network is with this same group of computers and is with computer N. Computer N’s default gateway is incorrect. The final issue with this network is with computer I. Computer I’s IP address and default gateway are incorrect. This may seem like a lot of problems, and there are actually some more that I did not mention, but these are the problems that I will focus on in this situation. The issues can all be addressed by simply changing some numbers around, but as I will also explain in more depth what the issues mean for the...
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