Network Security : Complete Guide to Firewall

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What Is a Firewall?

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Types of Attack

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Firewall Technologies

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Choosing a Firewall

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The world is surging towards a digital revolution where computer networks mediate every aspect of modern life. Not many years ago, most computers were carefully guarded mainframes, held tightly in the hands of skilled professionals. The systems and their guardians combined to provide ironclad protection of the organization’s all important data. Today the world is scary, anyone can get their hands on to the personal computers and even link into networks. Today the threat to the information on the network has grown to the greatest extent. Information is the most vital aspect of every organization. Access to the internet can open the world to communicating with customers and vendors, and is an immense source of information. But the same opportunities can open your Local Area Network to possible attacks by thieves and vandals. These attackers and hackers try to harm a system and disrupt information exploiting vulnerabilities by using various techniques, methods, and tools. Many analysts say very bluntly, if you are on the Internet, you need a firewall. This paper discusses the risks you face when you connect to the Internet, describes the types of attacks that can occur, and offers an overview of firewall technology, which can protect your network from hackers. Specifically, the paper discusses the implementation of a firewall and what you should consider in choosing the type of firewall you require.


Anyone can become a hacker. It doesn’t require a technological whiz kid to wreak havoc on your network. A wide range of tools and utilities can be easily downloaded from the Internet and with their help, almost anyone can become a competent hacker at the touch of a button. There are experts who say, if you are connected to the Internet, you need a firewall. The decision may not be more complicated than that. However, you’ll probably consider a combination of factors. Start with the basic questions you’d ask about any other security system. Do I Have Anything Worth Protecting?

Be sure to consider:
• Confidential client, supplier, or employee information that might expose you to a lawsuit if you allow someone else to capture it • Intellectual property that gives you a competitive edge in the market • Critical business records that would have to be recovered and/or recreated. Aren’t My Valuables Already Adequately Protected?

The truth is that if you have valuable electronic property, it may not be as safe as you would like to think it is. You can do a lot to protect your system if you: • Back up your information every night

• Set up unshared folders behind tough passwords and password rules • Use your access router or browser to filter incoming traffic from all but trusted sites Unfortunately, hackers have many sophisticated software tools at their disposal. Given enough time and determination, a skilled hacker may get through the standard safeguards. If he does, he can run software programs to break your passwords. If you have valuable data on your network and the network is exposed to outside computers, chances are very good you need a firewall.

What Is a Firewall?
A firewall is a system that enforces an access control policy between two networks—such as your private LAN and the unsafe, public Internet. The firewall determines which inside services can be accessed from the outside, and vice versa. In principle, the firewall can be thought of as a pair of mechanisms: one to block traffic, and one to permit traffic. A firewall...

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