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UMUC Network Proposal
Michael Cowley
University of Maryland University College
CMIT265 Fundamentals of Networking
Dr. Reginald Terrell
July 7, 2014

UMUC Network Proposal
Designing and implementing a proper network design is an essential and yet critical step in building a reliable, top notch, network infrastructure. Developing the proper infrastructure can ensure performance at a level needed for growth and for stability all the while providing crucial time savings by minimizing the administrative workload. When designing a network you really want to implement scalability and future growth while ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions. Implementing scalability will ensure the network can grow with the organization. The network design I have implemented for UMUC which is depicted below provides scalability, security, and longevity.

It is crucial that when developing a network that you employ the proper physical medium to ensure that the signal carried by the medium is sufficient enough to deliver a strong enough signal to all the prescribed locations. However, while ensuring the quality of the signal you must also factor in cost and find a good balance between the two. So for the majority of this network I chose to utilize CAT6 STP (Shielded Twisted Pair). I chose the CAT6 STP because it will eliminate a lot of interference, crosstalk and signal noise along with being cheaper than an entire fiber optic network and CAT6 STP is capable of delivering gigabit speeds within 100 meters (328’). This distance is sufficient for nearly the entire network. The only issues I found were the Admissions office and the classroom just above the Admissions Office. These two spaces will utilize multi-mode fiber optic cabling to connect to the network since the distance to the IT closet is just over 100 meters.

I will also implement a wireless media utilizing the 802.11g/n standards. However, unlike physical media, wireless media is susceptible to security issues such as sniffing (eavesdropping). So for this very reason I will implement WPA2 security with AES encryption and utilizing Microsoft Active Directory I will require authentication with the network through a Radius server before access to the wireless network resources is granted. The best part is with my implementation of the network computers accessing the wireless network will be easily identified by the system due to the unique IP range assignment via DHCP.

This network will be structured using a physical star topology, which is really the only way to go, since the star topology will keep installations and maintenance relatively low compared to the other known topologies such as ring (which is outdated and requires MAU equipment), bus (which requires a coaxial cable that is difficult to use and extremely heavy) and mesh (which is extremely expensive to implement). Also, the other topologies are nowhere near as sturdy as the star topology.

For this network we shall implement Cisco 200 Series Small Business SG200-50 Ethernet Smart Switches because of their high performance and relatively low cost, and limited lifetime warranty. This particular Cisco switch can support up to 128 VLANs simultaneously and has 48 RJ-45 10/100/1000baseT Ethernet ports and 2 mini-GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) expansion slots that give you the option to add fiber optic. We will install one on each floor in the respected server rooms. These switches will be configured with a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) for each subnet. We will also secure the network utilizing Active Directory single sign-on. We will also enable DHCP relay on the switches in order to manage IP addresses centrally. These two switches will be attached to a HP Procurve E3500yl 24 port layer 3 switch as the network core. All the said switches will be using Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol to enable routing between the VLANs, to prevent loopbacks spanning tree protocol...

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