Negative Mass Media

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Propaganda Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Over the course of time media has developed into a major domain in society and culture. We are exposed to media everyday no matter if we go to the store the doctor’s office we have some way of watching media. Being exposed to media so much has to have its effects. What we watch and see on TV should affect us in a certain way sometimes good and sometimes bad. Mass media has an effect on what we eat, wear, how we act. In a article I read it said “According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day”. This is big chunk of time, which a person could be spending time being active. Some negative effects media can have on a “teenagers is the use of cigars by celebrity movie stars, the constant exposure of sex images, the excessive images of violence and exposure to thousands of junk food ads”. All these ads and negative actions on TV can have different effects. The most effects of media have been seen in the younger generation. Due to the fact that teens watch so much television they don’t have the chance to get active on top of all that they are watching advertisement that telling them to eat junk food. “There are millions of adolescents fighting obesity, but at the same time they are exposed to thousands of advertisements of junk food, while the ideas image of a successful person is told to be thin and wealthy” (hub). This can all lead to eating disorders and health problems. Another negative effect media had in us is violence. We see lots of violence on television in the article "Mass Media Influences" is said “kids that are starting to grow and are shaping their personality values and beliefs can become aggressive or they can lose a sense of reality and fiction of what they are seeing”. Teens and even adults seeing these violent acts may be convinced to some point that it ok to be violent. Media can affect our opinion a good example of this was show in a article I read. In this article it said "For example, after the...
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