My Name Is Yazer Navarrete And I Have Chosen To Major In Business Administration

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Business Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Yazer Navarrete: Business Administration
My name is Yazer Navarrete and I have chosen to major in Business Administration. I have selected this major for different motives. For starters, I feel like a degree in business does not limit me to one particular profession. I am able to branch out in the business world without the restriction of only knowing one set of skills. If I master the principles of business, there is nothing that can stand in my way of success other than myself. Ever since I was a kid, the entrepreneurial spirit has always infatuated me. I work well with others, but work best managing myself. I am self-disciplined enough to accomplish day-to-day responsibilities without someone watching over me. A business administration degree is one of the few degrees that satisfies my character and personality. There is wide array of problems that occur within the business world. This world is run by uncertainty. Whether it is in the economy, the stock market, or how new government regulations will affect upcoming businesses, nothing about business is concrete. Uncertainly keeps business goals at a short-term prospective. The solution is to be able to establish a long-term focus while completing short-term goals. Many businesses collapse because of lack of strategic thinking. Numerous business owners lack long-term goals or simply fail to correctly execute daily problems. The business world is constantly changing. With all the information in the business realm, it can often be difficult to stay up to date with the latest innovations and technology. Strategic thinking and problem solving are key factors in assuring the future of ones business. One of the most common problems within the business world is simply complexity. Many new business starters fail to recognize the amount of work necessary to merely keep a new business afloat. This early discouragement can eventually lead to utter breakdown. Every successful businessman has conquered the ability to...
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