Multi Grade Teaching (Sample Class Program)

Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: April 8, 2011
We don’t need a separate curriculum for each grade in the multigrade classroom, but a continuum or progression of challenges in our teaching which will meet the needs of students in our class.

-There is no one syllabus program for teaching multigrade.
-A program needs to be developed using the new syllabus documents for Lower and Upper Primary. The new curriculum gives the teacher much greater flexibility in providing for the needs of students in their class. The objectives and suggested content areas are given, but it is up to the teacher to plan and organise the learning experiences best suited to the students in the class. -For each unit of work or weekly plan, the whole class will work on the same topic or theme. -However, the activities completed by each student will depend on what you want them to learn, based on the syllabus documents you are using and the pupils level of development. -There are methods and strategies that teachers can use to assist with their planning for a multigrade class

The steps in completing a curriculum scan:
Step 1. Identify the grade levels you will be programming for and find the relevant scope and sequence pages in the syllabus documents.

Step 2 . Cut and paste or write just the parts of the scope and sequence that you will be teaching. Paste or write these on to a large sheet of paper.

Step 3: Look for common topics or themes across the curriculum. Brainstorm some main themes, and try to fit the topics under a heading.

Step 4: Write your main themes on a large piece of paper and list topics.

Step 5: Set your themes out on a grid.

Step 6: Transfer your topics to a term program.

Using the blank proforma and some syllabus documents, plan a unit theme. First consider the theme, then the main understandings you want the pupils to have. Find some objectives from the relevant grade level syllabus documents and plan the sequence of activities. Consider how you will group and what skills are being taught....
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