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Assignment Set- 1

Q.1 What are the types of organizational change?

There are many types of organisational changes:

· Organisation-wide versus subsystem change: Usually, organisations undertake organisation-wide

change to evolve into a different level in their life cycle. Examples for organisation-wide changes are

major restructuring, collaboration, cultural change. Examples of subsystem change include addition

or removal of a product or service, reorganisation of certain department, or implementation of a new

· Transformational versus incremental change: Transformational change is also referred to as

quantum change. Examples of transformational change include changing an organisation’s structure and

culture from the traditional top-down, hierarchical structure to a large amount of self-directing teams,

Business Process Re-engineering. Examples of incremental change include continuous improvement

as a quality management process or implementation of new computer system to increase efficiencies.

Sometimes, organisations experience incremental change, but its leaders fail to recognise that change.

· Remedial versus developmental change: Change can be used as a remedy to the current situation.

Examples for remedial changes are to improve the poor performance of a product or the entire

organisation, reduce burnout in the workplace, and help the organisation to become more proactive and

less reactive, or address large budget deficits. Change can be developmental i.e., it can be applied to a

successful situation and make it more successful. Examples for developmental change are, expand the

amount of customers served, or duplicate successful products or services.

· Unplanned versus planned change: Unplanned change occurs because of a major, sudden surprise

to the organisation, which forces its members to respond in a highly reactive and disorganised fashion.

Planned change occurs when leaders in the organisation recognise the need for a major change and

proactively organise a plan to accomplish the change. Note that the planned change often does not occur

in a highly organised fashion. Instead, it occurs in a chaotic and disorderly fashion than expected by

Q.2 Explain change management process?

Change management process is a part of change management. Change management is a process, tool

and technique for managing people’s side of change. It is not a separate process for designing a business

Tools or components of change management include:

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· Communication and communication planning.

· Coaching and manager training for change management.

· Development of training and employee training.

· Collection of data, analysing feedback and remedial action.

But before going into change management process, it is important to know what change management is

Change management is not a process improvement method, but it is a method for reducing and

managing resistance to change while implementing process, technology or organisational change.

Change management is not a separate technique for improving organisational performance. It is a

necessary component for any organizational performance improvement process to succeed.

For example programs like Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management,

Organisational Development, Restructuring and continuous process improvement. It is all about

managing change to get best business results.

There are nine elements which contain the areas or components of the change management program.

They along with change management process help in managing change. Good project managers apply

these components successfully to bring about project success, avoid the loss of valued employees, and

minimise the negative effect of the change on productivity and customers.

· Communication and communication...
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