Movies vs Literature

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March 17, 2014
Movies vs Literature

People often read book or watch movies for entertainment in their spare time. Since movies have been invented, the use of book has been declined very much. Movies are a better medium form of storytelling than literature. A film present series of action, emotion, and brings audience into the story in a much more lively way than reading books can produce. Films are also more time convenient and enjoyable.

Visually, movies are more appealing than literature. A full page of text is tedious and dull; they automatically lock people out from accessing their story. Books have too many words so it’s hard for people to stay focus on it. Also, some books are just harder to read for younger audiences because their comprehension level isn’t that high, but if they see the movie they may be able to understand it better. An example of this is Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings books are very long and sometimes hard to understand; the movies, on the other hand are much easier to understand and a lot of fun to watch.

In addition to that, films are more enjoyable than literature due the social aspect that can be involved in watching a movie. Unlike literature, Films can be enjoyed with the company of friends. No one ever goes out and gets popcorn, candy and a drink to sit and read a book. Also, with everyone gathered in one place you can engage and enjoy conversations.

Not only are stories are also more accessible to a larger number of people in movie form than as books. They’re also more time convenient, if someone were to spend their entire weekend doing nothing but reading they would at most finish only three books, if they read fast, but if that same person were to spend the entire weekend watching movies they can probably knock out about twelve movies. Movies skip out a lot of detail that appears in books, because they don’t need to describe scenes in detail, they just flash a picture and move on. They are quicker in...
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