Modern Corporate Have Managed Change in the Present Scenario

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Explain how the modern corporate have managed change in the present scenario

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In the modern organization change process an important aspect for the survival of its business. Change is the process which is applied for the organization development, these changes are not similar in nature, some are planned and some changes keep on happening in nature. The particular change is accepted as an exception, there is no change in ongoing aspects. Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Change management (or change control) is the process during which the changes of a system are implemented in a controlled manner by following a predefined framework/model with, to some extent, reasonable modifications. Change Process:

Besides understanding the change process, educators also need to become more skilled in its use. As Miles (1986) and Fullan (1991) have demonstrated, the change process consists of a series of three overlapping phases: initiation, implementation, and institutionalisation. The initiation phase is about deciding to embark on innovation, and of developing commitment towards the process. The key activities in the initiation phase are the decision to start, and a review of the organisation current state as regards the particular change. The lists of factors at this stage are:

• The innovation should be tied to a local agenda and high profile local need • A clear, well-structured approach to change
• An active advocate or champion who understands the innovation and supports it • Active initiation to start the innovation (top-down is OK under certain conditions) • Good quality innovation.

Change management is done by many independent consultants who claim to be experts in these areas. These consultants manage the changes for their clients. They manage changes or help client make the changes or take up the task themselves to make the changes that must be made. An area of change that needs attention is selected and certain models, methods, techniques and tools are used for making these changes that are necessary for organization.

Immediately after change process is being successfully implemented it is the duty of change management to check that the change which is implemented is maintained under the available financial resources so that the organization may not bankrupt with the change implemented or the change which is made is success full in fulfilling the organizational goals. If not there is a need to change the change process, so that it says that change process is the process which is involved with time and money, if a little mistake in implementing the change or if the change which is made is not up to the mark then it is a huge loss for an organization in terms of time and money. So change process is considered as a critical issue and these decisions are made by the strategic level of management.

There also some of the factors that resist the change process such as career advancement, fear of job loss, enhanced job security
In case of technological change leader should give the clear cut idea of the new technology by training the people, and informing them about the improve in quality and quantity by adopting the new technology. Recession:

Many professionals and experts around the world believe that a true economic recession can only be confirmed if GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth is negative for a period of two or more consecutive quarters. The roots of a recession and its true starting point actually rest in the several quarters of positive but slowing growth before the recession cycle really begins. Often in a mild recession the first quarter of negative growth is followed by slight positive growth,...
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