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Authors name: Atkinson R. C and Bill Ziemek

A mnemonic is seen as any device that aids the memory in what the memory ought to pursue as its next action. It is mainly seen as a learning technique as regards the memory. Some of the common mnemonics we know include the short poems we create so as by reciting them, we may use them to remember some important things we had planned not to forget. Mnemonics may also include simple and short verbs which aid the memory when it comes to remembering. In human beings, mnemonics play a major role in their remembering capacity. This is because human beings are fond of forgetting things at a quite faster rate than it is expected. However this does not reflect all the human beings for we have geniuses but even though we have them, it is in generally seen that human beings have a poor memory. Thus a mnemonic device is a device that is used as the memory’s tool. There are various types of mnemonic devices that are used by students today. They include the rhyming words, acronyms, groupings among other techniques. With rhyming words we refer to a sequence of words selected by a person so that he can easily remember the words. For instance when you want to know how many months in a year have got 30 days, you just have to; master 30 days has September, November, April and June; the other months have 31 days apart from February. This clearly defines what mnemonics are. For my case trying to study how many landlocked countries we have in East and Central Africa as a sub-continent. In this case I just have to that Ethiopia, Malawi, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. The rest in east and central Africa are not landlocked countries. By creating such a mnemonic device, as a student, you will be able to clearly remember everything when you are asked any question regarding landlocked countries in east and central Africa. This also applies to when you re asked about landlocked countries in Africa or...
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